“I was looking around for a property management company to manage my house in Killeen, Texas. The moment I met Keith, I knew this was the company I wanted to work with. This is my first rental, Keith has been so kind and patient with me. He is coaching me as I go through this new phase in my life. They are up front with all things that are needed to keep this rental property up and running. The website is great, keeps me informed on all my expenses and is user friendly.”

J.B. – Tyler, TX

“Now we are about to sign our lease with Gold Medal Property Management. My husband and I met the owners and fell in love. They are both very personable yet professional…They care about their company, their tenants, and home owners that go through them…can’t get better than this! I am so excited for the year to come!”

Avery N. – Fort Hood, Tx

“Great experience with gold medal rentals. I had no idea how to lease a home but they helped patiently every step of the way. Their team is very nice and very professional. The home is beautiful and affordable!”

Danyelle C – Fort Hood, TX

“I am a property owner. I found this company through a friend and was impressed. They took care of my house and found renters in less than two weeks. I feel very comfortable with them taking care of my home.”

Marcus L – Killeen, TX

“I would like to thank Miss Megan and Miss Janet of Gold Medal Property Management for working with me and understanding my situation. Miss Megan and Miss Janet went out of their way to Facetime me while I was in Hawaii to make sure I got a look at the house before I sign anything. I was amazed on how helpful and kind they were. I would recommend Gold Medal Property Management to anyone moving to TX. “

George Rouse

“I’m inexperienced with leasing homes and renting and all that, everyone at gold medal has been so patient with me and has guided me step by step. The home is beautiful. I looked at many homes for the same price through various realtors and they were disgusting, incomplete, didn’t have what we would need, etc. Gold medals knows what’s up! The team there is really great and kind”

D. Chavez

“Keith is awesome!!! I highly recommend Gold Medal Property Management. They do a great job managing my rental property. He has really good contractors with good prices!”

Erica Hadley