We prefer you submit maintenance requests through your tenant portal. Please login to your tenant portal and follow the prompts. If you do not yet have a login password for your tenant portal, please get started below.

Our Maintenance Process

Your maintenance and repair issues are very important to us and we take them seriously. Here is a breakdown of how our maintenance process works.

Gold Medal Property Management manages the property you rent for that property’s owner. When you request a service for the property, Gold Medal Property Management then works with the owner to get approval for the repair, and then with various vendors who will perform the repair once the owner has approved it.

Here’s the process in simplified form:

  1. You submit a service request for a maintenance or repair issue on your get started below.
  2. Our staff is automatically alerted of your service request. If it is after business hours, we will receive the alert immediately the next business day.
  3. We will contact the owner of the property and get permission to resolve the service request.
  4. We will then send a vendor to your property to get an estimate to resolve the request.
  5. We will then send the estimate to the owner.
  6. If the owner approves the estimate, we will collect funds (money) from the owner of the property to get the service request resolved.
  7. We will then schedule the vendor to resolve the request.
  8. The vendor will then come to your property to resolve the request.

If the request is for something relatively small and quickly fixed, we will likely be able to resolve it during the vendor’s first visit. If the request is large and expensive (ie repaint the entire home) then it will take more time to get estimates and approval from the owner for those expenses.


We can often get the service request resolved quickly within the same business day or 1-2 business days. However, there can be times when your service request can be delayed. For example:

  • You submit the service request after hours or on the weekend. Our office is open from 10-5:30 Monday through Friday. Our office is also open on Saturdays from 10:00-2:00, but for leasing only. All other departments are closed on Saturday and Sunday. Any service requests received on the weekend will be received by our office on the next business day (ie. Monday).
  • We might be temporarily unable to get in touch with the property owner. As previously mentioned, we must get permission from the owner of the property to resolve the issue.
  • Our vendors might be extremely busy. For example, if you have an AC issue during a temperature spike our AC vendors might be already swamped with other customers’ calls. We will always work to get our vendors out to your home as quickly as possible.
  • The owner of the property may not agree to resolve the request. For example, let’s say you request your entire unit to be repainted. The owner may not agree to do it as he/she feels a repaint us unnecessary at this time. Gold Medal Property Management acts as the “go between” between the tenant and the owner and we will always work to find solutions to meet the needs of both the renter and the owner.
  • The vendor might have to order in parts or the repair is complex requiring multiple visits to diagnose and repair. No area repairmen carries all parts to all products that might break down. Parts often have to be ordered and shipped in and small delay can result.
  • The vendor cannot get access to your property. For example, if you are home and have the internal deadbolt locked and you do not answer the door, the vendor will leave resulting in further delays. If the vendor cannot get access to your property, the vendor will leave a card at your door. Please respond to the vendor’s card to avoid a delay.
  • The owner might have a home warranty on your rental property. Although this does not immediately present a delay in the maintenance process, there are more parties involved in getting your request completed. If you live in a rental property and the owner of your rental property has a home warranty, we will send your service request to the home warranty company who will then coordinate with you to send out a repairman.
  • The tenant not responding to vendor phone calls. In many situations, a vendor will attempt to contact you in regarding to your service request. If you do not respond to the vendor, this can cause delays in the completion of your service request.

Submitting A Service Request

The quickest and most effective way to submit a service request is through the online tenant portal. When you submit a service request through the online tenant portal, the request us automatically entered into our system, and is automatically tracked until it is closed. You will have access to its current status by checking on it from within your tenant portal.

Emergency Requests

An emergency repairs constitutes any damage or needed repair that poses an immediate threat to the tenant’s health/safety or to the property’s condition. For emergency issues, please contact our after hours phone number that is located in your lease. It is also printed on the cabinet sticker located under your kitchen sink.

Here are some examples of an emergency situation:

  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Break-in/Unsecured property (for example, someone has kicked in your front/rear door)
  • Gas leaks

Here are some examples of important, but NON-emergency situations:

  • Plumbing stoppages
  • Locked out
  • Air conditioner or appliances not working
  • Noisy neighbors

For non-emergency situations, please enter a work order from within your tenant portal and your order will be received by us during the next business day.